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Alfia Natali

Felt like a model and very relaxed
«An ode of gratitude to your professionalism!!! You were my first... first photoshoot, there was a lot of excitement, worries, I thought that I would stand rooted to the spot, with a stone face and nothing would work out... This could have happened, but not with you, you create an amazing atmosphere. 
At the time of shooting I felt like model and very relaxed»



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DSC_6046 1.jpg

Fantastic gift for my birthday
«I've had photoshoots and everywhere I felt inferior. At some point, I have thought that this is just not for me!
But when I saw your work, I wanted to get to you. On my birthday, I made myself a gift - a photoshoot with you. Damn you are fantastic! I don't know how you do it.»




With you I live through the best moments of my life
«I don't work with you - with you I live through the best moments of my life. Moments in which I am sexy, spectacular, swift and gracious like a panther...
When I get the long-awaited link with photos I'm like: "Yeah yeah!!! I'm so ... !!! Cool !!!"
I sit and drool over my own captivating image - not an image of some other "beauty queen".
Any girl needs to see herself depicted as perfection !!! And you reveal this indicidual perfection in each of us...
Your photoshoots are like a drug for me - I want them constantly!!!»


Showing the world how f*cking awesome I am
«Everything was so easy with you!!! Although there is a huge age gap between us, I didn't feel it. It felt like we've known each other for 1000 years. I also dream of doing more shoots. Thank you for making me beautiful in your photos. I have just reviewed them today... showing the whole world how f*cking awesome I am»

Linda Gaiman



An aura filled with love and warmth

«While shooting, you dive into a very special aura, an aura filled with love and warmth, you dissolve in a special talent that reveals sexuality... This is incomparable with anything, if only with a magic ritual.»

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